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Interface CreateCertificateOptions


  • CreateCertificateOptions



blsVerify?: VerifyFunc

BLS Verification strategy. Default strategy uses wasm for performance, but that may not be available in all contexts.

canisterId: Principal

The effective canister ID of the request when verifying a response, or the signing canister ID when verifying a certified variable.

certificate: ArrayBuffer

The bytes encoding the certificate to be verified

maxAgeInMinutes?: number

The maximum age of the certificate in minutes. Default is 5 minutes.


5 This is used to verify the time the certificate was signed, particularly for validating Delegation certificates, which can live for longer than the default window of +/- 5 minutes. If the certificate is older than the specified age, it will fail verification.

rootKey: ArrayBuffer

The root key against which to verify the certificate (normally, the root key of the IC main network)

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